Order of Operations Game

A very cool activity, and a fun way to practice the order of operations.


One to Ten

The computer randomly chooses 4 digits. Use the four digits and the arithmetic functions - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division (and also Exponents and Parenthesis) to form the numbers from 1 to 10.


Connect Four: Order of Operations

The classic Connect 4 game, but students have to first correctly evaluate the numerical expresson before they are allowed to drop their chip.

The Numbers Game

A game styled on the British TV show Countdown, where contestants used 6 numbers and the usual operations and brackets to make the target number. This program has a great bonus - after you have found a solution (or not), the program will then list all of the solutions. It can be a rather humbling experience.
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Make 24

You are given 4 cards, the operations +, -, x, / and brackets. Your task is to construct an expression using all 4 cards that evaluates to 24. Oh, and you have to find an answer in less than 1 minute. Initially this task is can be very challenging, but the more problems you try, the easier they become. From Cool Maths.

Order of Operations TI-Nspire document

A multi-page TI-Nspire document on the order of operations. It includes a series of interesting and challenging activities.

The Countdown Game, and Number and Letters

The Countdown Game is a great way to review Mental Computation and the Order of Operations. Highly recommended.

Numbers and Letters is a variation of the Countdown Game that has additional controls for classroom use.

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