Projectile Motion with Geogebra

This is a very cool Geogebra file that shows the vectors involved in projectile motion. Thanks to Greg Bland for sharing this file. Three thumbs up!

You can download the FREE dynamic geometry program Geogebra from

Vectors with Geogebra

This zip file contains two Geogebra files that dynamically illustrate vector concepts - one that shows the forces on an object on an inclined plane and one that shows the resultant of three forces acting at a point. Thanks to Greg Bland for sharing these. Both are excellent teaching aids - 3 thumbs up!

Geogebra is a fantastic FREE dynamic geometry program that can be downloaded from

Vector Cross Product

This is a very effective applet that shows the effect on the vector cross product when the angle between the vectors or the magnitude of the vectors changes. You can rotate the plane in 3-D to look at it from any angle. It was last revised in 1996! Just goes to show that good ideas (like good men and women) age well.

The Storm Chasers

Change the magnitude and direction of a vector to try to hit the stationary cyclone.

The previous activity was just a warm-up for this activity, where you try to hit the moving cyclone.

Now it is getting interesting! In this activity, the students have to control both the velocity of a plane plus the velocity of the wind to catch the cyclone.

Vector Addition

A neat Geogebra applet to interactively illustrate vector addition. From The Lawrenceville School Math Department Website.

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