Welcome to the Interactive Maths website

Students learn mathematics by DOING mathematics, and not by watching someone else do mathematics. In recent years there has been an explosion in the number of high quality digital resources available from the Net and elsewhere that allow students to investigate, explore or consolidate the topics they are learning in their maths class.

Over time, it is hoped that this website will become a one-stop shop for quality interactive digital resources for mathematics education.

Currently there are over four hundred sixty quality resources and links available from this website. Have a browse and take away what you wish.

If you come across resources that should be included in this website, please let me know via the [Contact Us] link in the upper left.

Viewing flp Files

Files of type .flp are ActivBoard flipcharts. To have full interactivity with these resources, you must have the ActivStudio software. However you can view the flipcharts by visiting http://www.mypromethean.com/uk/server/show/ConWebDoc.2974 and downloading the Windows or Mac viewer.

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